Is It Best To Rent a Baby Sling or Buy One?

Baby SlingWhether you are expecting your first baby or they have already joined the world, you may be looking into various ways of travelling with your baby. Of course, a pram is an essential, but they’re not the most practical of items in all situations. This means that parents now are looking at a range of other options, such as baby slings and carriers. These are available at all good baby stores and other stockists and can come in various forms, such as simple slings, front carriers, and back carriers. They also come in at a range of price points too – from cheap, budget options to the more expensive, higher end options.

However, buying a baby sling or carrier isn’t your only option. Across the country, there are a variety of baby sling libraries, which are usually local, community led affairs that lend baby slings to women for a small fee, as well as teaching them how to use them correctly and safely. So, that leads us to the question…

Should You Buy a Baby Sling or Rent One?

Unfortunately, there really is no definitive answer to this as there are benefits to both buying and renting, which means it all depends upon your personal preferences and situation. To help you though, below we look at some of the main advantages of both buying a baby carrier versus renting one.

The Advantages of Buying a Baby Carrier

There are plenty of good reasons to buy a baby carrier rather than just renting one, especially if you plan to use a baby carrier quite regularly. Below we outline some of the main points.

No On-Going Costs

Although buying a baby carrier involves an upfront cost, it does save you from the on-going costs of renting a baby carrier when you want to use one. As you get used to using your baby sling, the chances are that you will use it more and more, making it more cost effective to own it rather than renting one every time.

Guarantee the Right Sling When You Need It

Baby sling libraries are great but you cannot guarantee that you will get the exact baby carrier that you want. You may have to use an alternative and there is no guarantee that it will be comfortable for both you and your baby. Having your own ensures that this is never a problem.

Your Baby Will be Familiar with It

Babies like routine and they will get used to using a certain type of baby sling, which is great if you have bought one. If you’re renting, however, you may find them being fidgety or upset having to lie or sit in a slightly different way when using an alternative.

The Advantages of Renting a Baby Carrier

If you don’t plan to use a baby carrier all that often, perhaps renting one is a better option for you and your family. Here we discuss some of the advantages of renting a baby carrier rather than splashing out on a big purchase.

You Only Pay When You Need to Use One

If you are only going to use a baby sling or carrier occasionally, then it almost certainly makes perfect sense to rent rather buy. Because baby sling libraries are usually community led and non-profit making, then costs are kept to a minimum when it comes to renting a carrier or a more traditional sling.

You Can Get Advice on How to Use It Correctly

Whilst you may get advice on how to use your baby sling correctly if you buy one from a store, you won’t have anything more than written instructions if you decide to purchase one online. There is nothing wrong with this, and online tutorials are often available, but if you rent one, you’ll receive lots of advice from people who use slings and carriers all the time and this can be invaluable.

You Can Rent a Variety Until You Find One that Suits

Many people prefer to start renting a baby carrier or sling until they have found a type or brand that they particularly like. They can then purchase it safe in the knowledge that it is the right sort for them and they know exactly how to use it. This might be a good solution for someone looking to use a carrier or sling more long-term, but who does not know which one to go for.